How to behave with prostitutes without causing a scandal

Guide to good manners...

"With the exception of an idiot, most people know from time to time how to behave. I know that you can't cross the line, tip or throw up on it. But many don't know how to behave when you go to prostitutes or when you're drunk standing on a chair."

Michele, 34, stripper

Don't get drunk. Happens to me often and I ask especially people who want to visit me at 1 o'clock in the morning. As a rule, they have already had a hard time and hardly manage to stay upright in the chair. They often try to touch me quite obviously. In my agency we use creams and lotions given to us. So it is not as if touching is strictly forbidden. But the escort decides when, how and why. Customers wake up, understand these limits, but drunken guests often ignore the rules.

A simple rule when I strip, but important: stay with you! Customers often try to get up and dance with me. It's well-intentioned, but my number is still built around them. I have a whole choreography to the music, so if you have to sit down at the place before I can go on, I interrupt the whole thing and I will pick up my stuff and finish it.
Yvonne, 23, a Luxus-Escort

What I want to say is that hygiene is important. I don't know you, so make sure you are freshly washed and clean when you meet someone. That's also what I do.

Apart from that, wearing a condom is one of the most important rules. It is incredible how many men try to circumvent this rule. "I'm super clean, I've been tested recently," they tell me. It spoils the atmosphere and you also know in advance that safer sex is one of the conditions when you hired me. The same goes for the contact information phase. "Come on, you can tell me what your real name is, right?" You don't have a phone number to reach me?" No. Escorting poses many risks to the package, so everyone respects our privacy. Normally I give you my card if you want to call me.

Molly, 26 (has been working as a prostitute for four years)

Don't be the guy with the god complex. There are two types of customers like this one. The first is the overprotective client: he wants the first one to talk to you for half an hour about your personal life and ask too many personal questions, even if you really like to. And then there are the customers who like you so much that they want to save you from "this life is terrible". These customers keep telling you things like, "But you're so pretty and smart. They don't have to do that kind of work", or "I shouldn't try to find a real job?" "It's super annoying because it means you don't take me seriously." I understand that you have good intentions, but it's also very condescending. I am a professional and I take my work seriously.

Then there are those who "push" - guys who are getting more and more. "We've known for some time, can't we fuck without a condom?" Or "Can we talk about the rate?" For me this is the death of passion. Before I tried to explain calmly and nicely that I don't work that way and that I have some very clear rules. Only that didn't seem to work, so now I make anyone who tries to do something irregular moral immediately.

The best thing you can do for me as a customer is to tell me clearly what he wants. Often come to me as virgins, very stressed and that they have never learned to talk about sex. It's hard to say in words what they like and don't like and what stops them. The more you tell me what you like, the better we will all feel together.

Isabel, 27 years

One of the bad customers was the one who stuck it right up my ass. It hurt a lot and I turned around and punched him in the face. I yelled at him that it wasn't okay and she settled down. He then felt really bad, which shows how bad the people in the sex department are. I don't even know to ask for someone's consent, even if he has no bad intentions. In the end it turned out to be a guy with some emotional intelligence, a bit of a loner, which seemed perfectly normal, however, without my permission to enter my anus.
Alice, 21 years

The payment is made before what makes sense. You can try to negotiate, especially if I don't look like in pictures. Don't try to give him the chance to pay the fee at the end of the program.